This blog has two main purposes.

The first purpose is an altruistic one: To spread information security knowledge by sharing my experiences with the community.

The second purpose is to create an activity that encourages me to push the boundaries of my information security knowledge.

Information security has received a lot of attention in recent years and with this attention has come much hype and spin. There are many security blogs actively maintained by various individuals, vendors and groups. Many of these blogs do not tell the reader the whole story and leave out important details. You would be hard pressed to read a blog by an anti virus vendor that talks about a new attack that their engine does not detect. Vendors must reassure their customers that everything is under control, and there is noting to fear. Every post will discuss a threat and how their product either prevents it or detects it.

This blog focuses on “Real Security” in an effort to spread current, relevant and in-depth analysis on attacks and trends. This includes links to live malware which must be handled with care. I take no responsibility for the actions of the readers.

I work in the industry as a Security Specialist for a major financial institution with offices in several countries around the world.

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